Atrium Coffee Company

Coffee on Desk

How It All Started

It all started as a dream between, brothers, co-workers and friends. 

Working together at a shed company. Kurt, David, Andy, Alisha, Delores and Sarah Beth wanted to create a space where you could be refreshed and recharged for your days ahead. 
Together we dreamt, planned and brainstormed ways to make it happen. 

We wanted it to be efficient, friendly and fast paced. It definitely needed to be a drive thru, because everyone needs that. A little red trailer came into our sites and we knew it was the one that would start it all... start

TheAtrium Family

"I stop by Atrium about once a week and it is probably the best coffee I've ever had. I highly recommend the Honey Bee, but honestly haven't had anything I don't love!"

Maegan Noble


When you visit us here at Atrium, you will discover a family. 

An ATRIUM is a gathering place. We want to be a place where you gather, feel safe, tell your stories and get to see each other grow. 

We are local, family oriented and committed to YOU.

Definitely the best coffee shop around. Every drink is well made, with its own personal flare. I enjoy every drink I have when I visit this shop regularly and with the professional and outgoing staff that works there it gives an awesome vibe that feels like they genuinely care about your experience. That is why I go there time and time again, and recommend it to anyone I know in the area.


Our Coffee

Our beans are roasted locally in Austin, Texas by Greater Goods Coffee Co. We are so grateful for the service and quality they provide. Ranked as one the top coffee roasters in Texas, it is an honor to work with them and serve their coffee.

We have our regular menu which is quite extensive because we want you to have a variety of choices to pick from. 

Our specialty menus come out every season and they are thought out, hand crafted and hand created with the heart of each owner involved. We get together and brainstorm. Each one has a story. They are anything but ordinary. Check out all of our flavors over on the menu page!

I’ve been coming here in the mornings instead of Starbucks and I think I’m a converted coffee connoisseur! Their coffee is so good, and authentic. You can tell it’s actual coffee and not chemical filled. The staff is always SO sweet and I look forward to starting my morning off with some great, locally made coffee. Great place. -Grace Shelton

The best coffee I’ve had in town! And I’m really picky about coffee. Also by far the best customer service I’ve ever had . I’d recommend this place to anyone that is a coffee addict like me. Love love this place -Ashley Lewis