This is Andy and Sarah Beth Boyer. Andy teaches school full time at a private Christian school in Rosebud, TX. Coffee is one of his passions and he spends his spare time here at the shop, working, talking to people and advertising for Atrium. Meeting people and getting to know you is one of the highlights of his weeks. 

Andy and Sarah Beth raise Havanese puppies and LOVE animals. They also have two chickens, Helga and Jamanda who are amazing. 

Sarah Beth works full time at Atrium managing and fulfilling barista duties. She takes pictures for the social media pages and together her and Andy run the social media aspect of Atrium. She also helps at the school two days a week. She is involved in many different thing in the community and loves having anyone over to the house to host. (so if you ever need a meal come by!)

Together her and Andy run a small Airbnb out of their house with one of the spare bedrooms. 

Serving Jesus and spreading His love is their greatest goal in life!


Meet Kurt and Alisha! They live in Temple right down the road from Atrium. Kurt has a trucking business and is always traveling everywhere for that! They deliver sheds all across Texas and farther. He is in charge of the outside face of Atrium, the trailer and all repairs. You can find him working on the pipes, redoing light fixtures or just general repair and cleanup around the area! Alisha makes sure that coffee is ordered so you can enjoy it!

Alisha runs a small home hat and leather engraving company. (D&A Designs if you wanna check that out) She makes amazing products with her Mom. 

They have an amazing Golden retriever dog named whiskey who is just as much a part of the family. 

Kurt and Alisha love traveling, exploring new places and trying new things. Camping, snowmobiling and hunting are in the top things to do. They attend church in Waco at Antioch and absolutely love it there. 

Coffee is what keeps both of them going on all of their adventures and they want to be able to provide the best coffee around. 


David and Delores are amazing people. They have two beautiful children and one precious one on the way! David takes care of all the paperwork, checks and the ordering of new items of Atrium. Delores bakes all of the bakery items for inside the trailer. They are always delicious. She always comes up with new recipes and astonishes everyone with her goodies. 

David works at a Farm and Yard in Robinson, Texas selling awesome sheds, play sets, greenhouses, chicken coops, carports and cabins!

They both love spending time with family and finding creative ways to do that. You can usually find them in at Atrium several times a week checking in on stuff, cleaning and delivering bakery items. 

They love meeting new people and making connections. That is one of the biggest reasons they love and wanted to start Atrium. There is nothing like a cup of coffee to bring people together!